January '99 Snow Storm

On January 1, 1999 a happy little snow fall began. The fascinating snowflakes started filtering down from the skies around 2:00 pm KST (Kristian Standard Time). As I watched these frozen water crystals drop from the heavens, I thanked my lucky stars I had no where to go for the weekend. By evening, the snow had accumulated 10 inches on my plastic patio table {as seen below on the left}. This was accurately and expertly measured by myself and my assistant, my brother, with a precise measuring device, a wooden school ruler. By late in the evening, 10:00 pm KST, we were up to 13 inches, or so was guessed since our accurate and dependable ruler sank into the snow never to be seen again. By morning, our deck was covered {as seen below and right} and I was glad to hear we had a snowblower and that I didn't have to shovel.

Since we had lost our trusty snow measurer, we had to rely on a new device, lovingly called a "Yard Stick". This "stick" didn't sink below the snow, and read that we had 15.5 inches on the table and 16 out in the yard. This not only covered our yard in snow, as shown below, but also covered any bad paint jobs that may have happened to our house in the past. The ladder {Below Right} was strategically placed in case a WWF star happened to be walking through my neighborhood and felt a sudden urge for a ladder match. Hence the location of the tree, conveniently located for a handy place to hang that title belt from.

Last but not least, is the beautiful aftermath image of how Dad's car is dwarfed by the snow (which isn't hard to do when your car is made by Fisher Price). Luckily my car was parked in the garage, so I had no window scraping or snow brushing to do.

All images on this page {including background image of snow} were taken by my new Digital Camera, which I received as a Christmas gift and find works wonderful for something I didn't have to pay for. If you are sick an tired of looking at snow, please hit the BACK BUTTON now.