All About Kristian

The Personal Kristian- I graduated from Marycrest Int'l University with a Bachelors in International Business Management. I purchased a new house in 2005. You can check out pics of it here . I love my new house and so do my babies. Zoe and Boo are my babies, 2 adorable Cairn Terrors....err....Terriers. If I'm not at home taking care of the pups, I am spending my time with my family. Most of my time is spent at work, and I spend ALOT of time working (having 2 different jobs means alot of work). Well, if there is anything else you want to know about me, E-mail me and ask!!! I am sure there is alot more to me than what I have typed, but at the present time, I can't think of anything else.

The QCO Kristian- I am employed fulltime at the lovely and ever popular Moline Dispatch newspaper. I am the Administrator for Quad-Cities Online. I handle all incoming technical support calls as well as all of the billing, setup, and E-mail inquiries. I also help out other departments; printing bundle tops for Circulation, opening mail for Customer Service, placing ads for Promotions, and running the sign up and donation collection for the Goodfellow Santa Program. I also work at Michaels Crafts in Davenport. I only work a few days a week, but it gives me a chance to do something different, meet new people, and learn about the crafting world along with the retail industry.

The Web Addicted Kristian- I used to love playing with my web page and giving people something new everytime they visit. Unfortunately, I don't have energy to update them as much as I should. Chances are it has been years since I have updated the information you are reading right now. I gave up a long time ago trying to update my Photo Album of QCO Users and am now just going to make it a Family Photo Album with a few loved ones who are not technically "family". I also enjoy the occassional online MMORPG game, when a good one comes out (which is not very frequently).