April - June
Flood 2001

Here are the images from near my house in Moline during the peak of the flood in 2001.
Below is an arial picture of Davenport from the Moline Dispatch and Rock Island Argus.

Captains Table

Captains Table looking east
Captans Table
Parking Lot

River Drive

Semi-flooded street
Flooded street and parkway
Flooding near sign
Completely flooded street

Case IH

Looking at the Play Ground and Case
Pamela's and her flood wall
Looking at boat launch near marina
River Drive and the marina

Misc Other Pictures

Train Tracks nearly covered
Flooded House
Soaked Buggy
Parking lot and river
Benches all covered in the distance
Road Closed/a>
Sand Bagging
Flooded Riverfest area
More water
Even more water

Below are two arial shots of Davenport from the QC Times

Most images on this page were taken either by TBoz or Kristian.
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